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October 3, 2017

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Join us for 2019 Impact Zambia Mission support trip!

The Impact Zambia 2019 trip (Aug 5 to 22), will be a special opportunity as it coincides with the 25th anniversary celebration of New Life Tabernacle and Cell ministries, our hosts and program leaders in Zambia.  You will also be able to assist in the building construction of the Impact Zambia Training Centre, while others will continue with the regular “Share your Knowledge” teaching and workshops.

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    Tentative Itinerary for July 2019
    Note, our dates have been adjusted, but below is a typical schedule:

    • July 24th:  Departure from Toronto Airport to a yet unknown layover on our way to Livingstone Zambia
    • July 26th: Arrive in Livingstone, Zambia, the place of ‘The Smoke Which Thunders’ – Mosi-oa-Tunya, or better known as Victoria Falls.  Book into Fawlty Towers, a visit to the Falls and prepare for our trip.
    • Saturday, July 27th: Set out to the Training Centre, approximately 5 – 6 hours good road to Namwala, where we will stay over at …..  Our hosts will be George & Beauty Mwenda and Davvy & Ivy Simenda.
    • Sunday, July 28th: An early rise to tackle the last shift to the Training Centre: 1 hour to cover the 10-km stretch to the Pontoon, and then another 2 – 3 hrs to the Training Centre.  We should be in time for the Masasabi branch church service and a great welcome by our hosts, Daniel and Florence Mayapi and all the others that will join us at the centre.  After church and lunch we will settle in and prepare for the week.
    • Monday, July 29th to Friday Aug 2nd: Share your Knowledge programs at the training centre and in town, while others will be helping with the building of the kitchen and teacher chalets. There will be lots to do and lots of supporting roles too!
    • Friday August 2nd: closure of our program and move to Shiluwe Lodge, which is on the southern edge of Lake Itezhi-tezhi, in the Kafue National Park.  We will camp here, and there will be an option for those who want to rent rooms for an additional price.
    • Saturday Aug 3rd: relax as the lodge, or visit the hot springs.  We can have dinner at Musungwa lodge.
    • Sunday Aug 4th: Join the celebrations for NLT’s 25th anniversary at the main branch in Itezhi-tezhi.  Stay at Shiluwe lodge
    • Monday Aug 5th: early departure to be in time for the feeding at the elephant orphanage in Kafue National Park at 11:30….  We will continue to travel on south through the park to spend the night camping at Nanzhila Lodge, a beautiful oasis in the park.
    • Tuesday Aug 6th: travel south through the Kafue National Park to Mission of Love orphanage, 2.5hrs west of Kalomo.  It was founded by Jako and Amber Joubert and is home for more than 25 orphans.  They worked with the community to build a school and preschool. They also have a house in town for the older children so that they can attend high school. We will either camp or use the bunk beds.
    • Wed Aug 7th:  travel to the village of Dorothy and Mathew Musanda.  We will camp here in a typical villiage, have dinner around the campfire and have an opportunity to learn more about how their lives were changed forever through the simple question “will you teach me?”
    • Thursday Aug 8th: travel back to Livingstone (about 3 – 4 hrs) and check back in to Fawlty Towers.  Relax and enjoy a dinner in one of the local restaurants.
    • Friday Aug 9th: this is an open day for those who would like to do an optional safari to Chobe National Park in Botswana and on the water.  Previous years our friend Jay Shah arranged a wonderful experience. There are also other options that you can arrange through Fawlty Towers.
    • Saturday Aug 10th:  final packing and departure to the airport around 10am.
    • Sunday Aug 11th (pm):  arrival back in Toronto.
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    2017 Team sharing some of their highlights
    • Seeing my students have “aha” moments with what I taught.
    • Sharing a tent and doing our things as a team (luggage loading, tent flipping etc)
    • Teaching patty-cake to the children, the pastors painting in their good clothes, hippos!
    • Seeing the results of our work last year!
    • The relationships made with the local people, the joy of hard work and in serving!
    • Watching the Pastors paint in their suits and play badminton!
    • I feel that now that I have been there – that next time I understand better and have caught the vision of sharing knowledge and understanding how Zambia needs all sorts of skills and knowledge to grow.
    • It was awesome!!! – I wouldn’t have wanted to do this any other way!
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    2017 Team comments to prepare you for your trip
    In the months before your trip, the team will meet on a regular basis to prepare.  We follow a training program designed by International Teams Canada (iTeams.ca) and get to know each other.  Below are some comments by the 2017 team members they would like you to know:

    • It will test you at every level but God is with you every step of the way. The roads are bad!
    • Prepare for an adventure! May be roughing it … so prepare and enjoy!
    • Breathe: there are kind people in every country so there will be someone to help if it is hard.
    • Be adaptable, be a team player, trust your leaders.
    • Come to learn from the Zambians.
    • It’s camping on steroids!
    • Plans constantly change. We have a plan, but God determines how it is executed. Hang on to Proverbs 16:9.
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    Want to join a team?
    • Contact Impact Zambia Program Champion Lianti Muller at Lianti.Muller@iteams.ca or Bonnie Borchardt at borchardtbonnie@gmail.com
    • For joining a team to a different destination, follow this link: https://iteams.ca/get-involved/short-term-teams/
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    Itinerary for a typical July/Aug trip
    Usually, the team flies out on a Wednesday night and return to Canada the Saturday or Sunday 2.5 weeks later.  As Itezhi-tezhi is quite remote, expect lots of driving on poor roads!  But, you will also have the opportunity to experience the following:

      • Experience rural Zambia at its best with amazing hospitality from our Zambian brothers and sisters.
      • Have opportunity to teach in your area of skills over a period of 4 to 5 days.  Groups before you have taught Sewing, Quilting, Counseling, Christian leadership, Life skills, Painting, Working with people with disabilities, Narrative therapy, social worker supervision sessions, business skills, and badminton!! (see details under FAQs)
      • You may also decide just to help out with the team logistics, driving, cooking, or any other area our Zambian partners need help with.
      • See Victoria Falls – ‘Mosi-oa-Tunya’ – ‘The Smoke that Thunders’!  It is one of the seven natural wonders of the world.
      • Do a Safari or any other fun activity you may choose in Livingstone (additional fees apply)
      • Visit Mission of Love orphanage and Dorothy & Mathew Munsunda on our way back.
      • Here is a typical schedule:
      • Wed: Depart Toronto to Livingstone, Zambia
        Thu: In Transit
        Fri: Arrive in Livingstone, Zambia; visit Victoria falls, stay at Fawlty Towers Backpacking lodge
        Sat: Early departure to Impact Zambia Training Centre via Choma, Namwala, the pontoon (9 hrs drive) – we have to be at the ferry by 5:30 or we can’t cross the river!  We will have paved roads to Namwala, and from there, it is a depate whether you can call what we drive on, “roads” or not!
        Sun: Join the church service of Massisabi at the Training Centre, rest and set-up.
        Mon – Fri: Teaching at the training centre, or in Itezhi-tezhi town and surrounding areas. We will be staying in the rooms of the training centre or camping, depending on the progress of the building readiness.  On Friday we have the closure of the program and handing out of certificates.
        Fri night: Camp at Shiluwe campsite on the shores of Lake Itezhi-tezhi, just inside the Kafue National Park
        Sat:  Rest at Shiluwe camp.
        Sun: Participate in the church service with New Life Tabernacle in Itezhi-tezhi. Afternoon: Sightseeing – Hot Springs
        Mon: Pack up and early depart through Kafue National Park.  Possible visit to the Elephant Orphanage Release Centre (time permitting). Camp at Nanzhila Lodge in Kafue National Park. (Note: we are considering changing the route back to rather return the same way we came)
        Tue: Travel to Mission of Love Orphanage and its founders Jako and Amber Joubert.
        Wed: Travel to Dorothy and Mathew Munsunda in Nyawa area. Stay the night at their village.  Dorothy was the first person trained in the Share your Knowledge program, which highlighted the need for establishing a training centre to help lift people out of poverty.
        Thu: Travel to Livingstone. Stay at Fawlty Towers.
        Fri: Free day for a Safari, visit the markets or just rest.
        Sat: Depart from Livingstone to Toronto
        Sun: Arrive in Toronto.
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    Frequently Asked Questions
    • How much does the trip cost?  It is approx. $4,600 + $500 fundraising for Impact Zambia’s work.  You will however receive a Tax Receipt for the portion of the trip you pay yourself!   You will also be registered on the fundraising page so that you can encourage others to support you.  If the team decides so, you can also have joint fundraising events.  Sightseeing and safari costs, as well as luxury accommodation or single rooms are extra.  Prices for March 2018: Single room supplement (Livingston, Shiluwe, Lusaka, Chongwe): $510pp.  Luxury (sharing) in Livingston and Shiluwe: $250pp.
    • What will I be doing there?  There are many opportunities to Share your Knowledge with people of Zambia.  We try to match Zambian needs expressed with the knowledge and skills of the team members to ensure a meaningful experience for all.  Each team going also need at least one or two people to be “gophers” – providing support to the team in any way needed to keep the program running: food; transport; errands; setup,emotional and physical support, etc.
    • What is counselling in missions? 
      Here is an explanation by Bonnie Borchardt about opportunities through Share Your Knowledge program to give you an idea of what activities can be done:
      The first year I was asked to do a 2 day community workshop on stress, anxiety and depression.  71 people came, some walking 23k to join us.  They were Church members, Social Workers, Teachers and Support workers for IWAWA who work with those with HIV/AIDS.
      Last year Allan Studd and I taught IWAWA the Tree of Life tool to use to help people recover from trauma and build resilience. We also taught Gottman’s 7 Principles to Pastors to help them counsel their couples.
      This year I taught Palliative Care to IWAWA as they are setting up a community hospice.  Allan Studd taught Narrative Therapy to Pastors, Rosanne Field taught CBT to Social Workers and Alan and I along with our first Tyndale Grad Cheryl Webb taught Pastoral Counselling skills using Martin Rovers book Healing the Wounds in Couple Relationships. Each year we have had an opportunity to also counsel 1-1 with individuals and couples.
      Pastors Daniel Mayapi and Florence Mayapi are the nationals we work with and their church the New Life Tabernacle.  They planted 18 churches (1,600 – 1,800 members) and those Pastors are the ones we are helping to equip for ministry. Lianti and team are helping them establish the Impact Zambia Training Center which is near Itezhi-Tezhi.  It will offer practical skills, Leadership and Bible courses. We taught there this year for the first tiime, so exciting!
      Three stories have inspired me this year.  One was Dorothy Masunda, the first woman taught to sew in the Share Your Knowledge program. She and her husband Matthew went to Bible School in Swaziland. He got a degree in Organizational Leadership and she got a degree in Counseling. I met her and asked how she was enjoying her Counseling and she said gravely “My people are suffering. Their marriages are suffering, their families are suffering, their Churches are suffering, I must help my people..”
      The other one was Pastor Daniel’s daughter Kizzy in a quote to Lianti talking about those diagnosed with HIV ” they are spiralling down in depression because there is no counselling in the hospitals”.
      The third was a Missionary from SIM who shared that just this past week one of the girls shared with her that she had been raped by a friend she trusted, She didn’t trust anyone to be able to talk to as she didn’t think anyone would believe it wasn’t her fault! “Still walking the journey with her.”