03 Aug 2018
August 3, 2018

Thank you from IWAWA

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Sheila Sinkamba’s post thanking the Impact Zambia team

People often question why we go to such extremities to visit a remote community in Zambia and they express strong opinions on how the money could be spent better, etc. These are difficult conversations  Impact team members deal with.  But then you receive an appreciation note such as the one written by Sheila Sinkamba, a young social worker with Itezhi-tezhi Widows and Widowers Association, and you realize what it means for people that you value them enough to actually go and spend time with them and share your knowledge in a way that permanently change and impact a community with a rippling effect.

The wonderful thing is that we return encouraged and impacted by our Zambian brothers and sisters in Christ. We also come back with a better understanding of the real need.  Thank you for supporting and encouraging the Impact team members and their families.

Lianti Muller – Impact Zambia Program Champion

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