01 Aug 2018
August 1, 2018

Missionaries a real team

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August 1, 2018.-by Allan Studd

Part of Impact Zambia 2018 was to bring the Training Centre together with 2 missionary couples from the area of Southern Province. We were no sure how that would work or even what they might do with us. We picked up Dorothy and Mathew Musanda in Nyawa on our way to the centre. Dorothy is the first person who received training on a sewing machine(2001) and she since obtained a degree in counseling at the same time Mathew obtained one in Organizational leadership in Swaziland.
We then stopped in Choma to visit Dorothy and Lucky who told that Dorothy and their pastor’s wife Koyi Chikonga would come on Tuesday for 2 days.  Matthew wanted to leave on Thursday.
So our little team came together along with pastors Daniel and Florence.   We were all friends immediately. All team members just pitched in. Sometimes they were students. Other times they were translators. They were always excited by the material we were presenting on marriage and couple dynamics. They kept putting off the time when they would leave us to return to their families, and Matthew to study for entrance exams to a Masters degree. On Saturday morning we left for a day of relaxation by going to the hot spring and onto Shiluwe where the women bonded,  and the men went on a game drive up the shoreline of Itezhi-tezhi. We had a last dinner together,stayed the night and finally parted on Sunday morning.
It was an unusual meeting of like minds born out of experience of being missionaries together in a beautiful country.

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