31 Jul 2018
July 31, 2018

Livingstone and some stories

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Train bridge over Vic Falls

July 31

Liviingstone! by Bonnie: We met Jako and Theuns in Kalomo yesterday and then dropped of Dorothy in Zimba and finally reached Livingstone! I wish I had a swimsuit here! Last night was the outing on the Dinner Train  We saw the Falls from the bridge! Breathtaking!

Reflection by Allan:  On Monday I began to review the material that we taught last year about how wounds received in childhood shape who we are as adults and influence our relationships. We were using a tree to illustrate our growing and maturing and right outside the open classroom was a tree that had been scarred by a machine of some sort. So, for the morning I used that tree as ‘exhibit A’. We went on to talk about maturity and intimacy and how childhood experiences can stop us from reaching that maturity. Forming relationships can then be very difficult.

The week had been designed by Daniel Mayapi as Marriage Encounter.  Husbands and wives were there together. When we broke for lunch, I was surrounded by by individuals so excited that they would not let me go.     They had suddenly learned why their spouses act in certain ways. It was the beginning of 5 days of learning and self discovery.

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