30 Jul 2018
July 30, 2018

Sunday stories

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Cephas, Bonnie, Allan, Florence and Daniel at the main church in Itezhi-tezhi

By Bonnie & Allan – July 29th

Reunited!  Koyi, Dorothy’s Simfukwe’s friend who lives in Choma area, is from the Ila tribe, but had never been back here. She had an uncle here and wanted to call him. The Aunt asked, “where are you?” and Koyi said, “at IWAWA”. The aunt said, “So am I!” They live across the street!

Illness: Mathew Musanda was taken to the clinic Fri as he was so weak and given meds for high blood pressure. He must write an exam on Monday, so please pray for him. He was sick earlier, but the Echinaforce that Lianti had in the first aid bag cured him and Dorothy’s onion soup! Both of those happened with us near help thank the Lord!

Helping through counselling: A young woman disclosed during one of our sessions of Tree of Life that she was being beaten by her husband. Apostle Daniel arranged that Allan counsel the husband and Dorothy the wife. It was such a gift.

Saying goodbye: We’re on our way to Namwala (Sunday afternoon). It’s always so hard to leave. We have over the past week brought a team together that did not want to part. Allan did a great job of preaching and serving communion today with Apostle Daniel.  We’ve seen the Lord work over and over again as we always do. The schedule has been packed and we are exhausted but overwhelmed at Gods goodness.

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