29 Jul 2018
July 29, 2018

Workshops and Peacefulness

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A session at the training centre

Friday night, July 28th – by Bonnie Borchardt:

I’m sitting around the fire listening to the wonderful African voices and music.  The moon is full and stars are brilliant. The training center is so peaceful. A place of rest and joy! We are learning together that apart from our cultural difference, we have a higher calling to be like Jesus in our lives, our marriages and relationships, and ministries. He heals our deeper wounds to give us the fullness of life he intends for all of us!

There was a full lunar eclipse, so while we worshiped around the fire, we watched the moon turn red then slowly disappear amidst the clouds. What a privilege! The woman with the wonderful voice from Mumbwa is also here, which made our prayer and praise time even more special!

Today’s workshops were great. Allan taught Genograms/Family Mapping and everyone had fun drawing their families on large newsprint. I taught Anger Management. We had great discussion and were able to minister personally to several people.

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