25 Jul 2018
July 25, 2018

Bonnie Boulevard and Snake!

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Bonnie and Dorothy (sitting 3rd from left) with the IWAWA group

Snippets from Bonnie and Allan – Tuesday July 24

The programs at the training centre and in Itezhi-tezhi are going well.  Mathew is also feeling better. Thank you for prayers.

Message from Allan yesterday lunchtime: Black Mamba!  At the training centre just now! Mathew, Cephas, and Allan went after it.  It was very big.  Cephas came with a stick, Mathew with a rock, and Allan with his coffee. We saw it too close for comfort and Mathew threw his rock but missed. It is now hiding under some rocks just beyond our car park.   Did I sign up for this?”  Update on the snake: The snake disappeared moving away from the training centre.  As Daniel pointed out: “They don’t really like the open area or us”.

Mathew named the bumpy road to town Bonnie Avenue.  Allan said, “No, its Boulevard, because it has a centre line for flowers and trees”.  So, its Bonnie Boulevard 🙂
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  1. Too fun – and scary!!
    Love the legacy Bonnie is leaving! ;vP


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