Allan with the couples at the Training centre

Monday July 23 – By Allan Studd

This is a marriage encounter week for the Pastors and church leaders. I think it will work! I have had a wonderful response as I tell them what goes in to maturity as an adult and enter into the mystery of marriage. What in childhood makes us act as we do as an adult.

We came across the ferry yesterday to discover a brand new highway from there to Itezhi-tezhi. What a dream come true. Unfortunately other infrastructure is not so well taken care of. It does not look like the power will be connected to the centre any time soon. Zesco,  the national hydro-electric /power company is out of cable and it is a frustration as the payment for the connection has already been made. There is a stretch of 600 where poles should be planted and the cable installed to connect the training centre.

Bonnie has gone to Iwawa today to teach palliative care. I had lunch with Voster and Ricky who strongly suggested that they would like to become good counselors. Something to consider for the future.

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