23 Jul 2018
July 23, 2018

Preparing for the week

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Relaxing with a game of badminton at the training centre.

By Bonnie Borchardt – Sunday night, July 22

We’re sitting around the fire after a day of rest. Tomorrow I’m at IWAWA (Itezhi-tezhi Widows and Widowers Association) teaching palliative care and Allan is here at the training centre working with the pastors. We will also be counselling couples this year. Dorothy is enjoying the week but Mathew is sick. Please pray for him. He was on a medical mission trip and came home with a sore throat. Its gotten worse and he’s feeling quite sick so we will bring him into the clinic in ItezhiTezhi and he can rest at Florence’s. We’ll tell you how he is. Sooo glad we made it here with no major mishaps. Lots of stories to tell!

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  1. I am glad. Miss you all. Lots of stories to tell here in Canada. We have some hot days with much needed rain, but so far, so good. My love and blessing go to Daniel and Florence and the rest of the team. See you very soon. Love and blessings, love Kendra


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