22 Jul 2018
July 22, 2018

Enroute to Training Centre

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Dorothy and Mathew Musanda with their family


By Bonnie Borchardt – July 22

While staying at Fawlty Towers, Ryan and Jalissa Brink recognized my 100.3 FM Life Christian radio station hoody.  They are from Wingham and their parents go to Lucknow CRC! We had a wonderful time talking about ministry and Africa and God. I was locked out of my dorm room and they let me sleep in theirs! I also had a nice visit with Jako and Amber and their children the night that Allan was stuck in Johannesburg.

From Livingstone we traveled to Nyawa to Mathew and Dorothy Musanda’s villiage. We got lost on the way as we followed the wrong pin drop point on the map and got turned around for about an hour. But the rest of the trip was uneventful! We had a wonderful visit with the family, including Dorothy and Mathew’s new grandson Henry Kison.

On Saturday morning we stopped at Dorothy & Lucky Simfukwe’s house in Choma, right on time to drop off birthday presents for their son Niza, specially ordered by his mom from Canada! Dorothy Simfukwe and her sister in law will be meeting us on Tuesday in Itezhi-tezhi where we will be teaching The Tree of Life.

Update by Lianti:  Cephas Chelebela sent a message to let us know that Bonnie, Allan, Mathew and Dorothy arrived at the Impact Zambia Training Centre at around 5am our time Sunday morning! For more pictures, see the @ImpactZambia facebook page!

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  1. Thanks for this update Bonnie…I was looking in the wrong place for information. Miss you and pray for your team, that all will be well…sounds like God has you on quite an adventure and is taking care of all the details..lol..even when you miss a pin drop. God Bless,
    JOY xo


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