At IWAWA offices

20 March 2018 – by Lianti

This was a busy day that started with a visit to IWAWA (Itezhi-tezhi Widowers and Widows Association) to find out more about their program to help families of those suffering with AIDS. We also introduced the training centre to the organization as a possible location for their future workshops.

Five years ago when Trinity CRC funded the building of the office block at NLT church in Itezhi-tezhi, the NLT community launched the Escosa Christian School with a pre-school in the same building.  Every year they added classes while they built their own school brick by brick. Today, there are over 80 children and 7 teachers up to grade 6!  In last year’s entrance exams, a student of Escosa obtained the highest marks in the district.  Florence Mayapi is currently acting as principal of the school.  “We were so impressed with the teachers. The grade 3 / 4 teacher, Obre, spoke with such authority while his class explained the Zambian flag to us! It was beautiful to witness,” said Karen.

While the team visited the school, I (Lianti) met with the fledgling Rotary Club of Itezhi-tezhi under the chairmanship of Moses Nakauma.  I was really impressed with the list of initiatives they identified to address areas of need in Itezhi-Tezhi.  They are currently busy with the formal registration of the club and working on raising the required funds to do so.  We spent 2 hours going through the initiatives they identified and prioritized the possible projects which will have a high impact in the community with a manageable effort to implement them.  We also talked about ideas for the first initiative to raise awareness in the community of the club and its purpose.  I’m looking forward to working with them!