22 Mar 2018
March 22, 2018

A Blessed Sunday!

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March 18 – by Marnel Muller

A day full of blessings! We were excitedly on our way to church when the Hemingway 4×4 got a flat tire. Thankfully, we were on a road that was under construction at the time and some of the construction workers were quickly beside us to assist. With Cliff’s and Jako’s expert guidance, we were quickly back on our way with the spare – not even delayed enough to be missed at church. Blessing #1.

When we arrived at church, Florence greeted us with our new, custom-made dresses that the seamstresses (graduates from the Share Your Knowledge training program) had ironed for us the day before. What beautiful dresses they were and all fitting well! Blessing #2.

In the service, Daniel introduced each of us and the visiting pastors to the congregation and the Knips read a beautiful Bible passage about Jesus healing a blind man. Then we sang, danced, and prayed together and Apostle Daniel gave an uplifting sermon. After the sermon, Karen led us out of the church with a song, with the band and congregation joining in as they waited for their turn to file out of the church and line up to shake everyone’s hand. Blessing #3.

We were pleasantly surprised and humbled to realize that Florence and the church community had prepared a generous lunch for us, with refreshing cool drinks (pop) and the room beautifully decorated with ribbons. The meal was a feast of nshima, rice, pasta, potatoes, chicken, and beef stew. We ate like kings. Blessing #4.

After lunch, we split ways with the Knips going to see more revolving fund recipients’ projects, my mom staying at the church to socialize and myself heading back with Jako and family (Jouberts) to test drive the boat for tomorrow and prepare camp at Shiluwe. For me, getting to ride in the boat for the test ride and seeing a hippo (while I was still on land!) was my blessing #5. What a blessed Sunday.

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