22 Mar 2018
March 22, 2018

Revolving fund visit

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Revolving fund recipients with Canadian team

17 March – by Marnel Muller

Visiting the Revolving Fund Projects

After yesterday’s incredible singing with the revolving fund committee and recipients and the peaceful night rain, I woke up refreshed. Today, we were visiting some of the closer Revolving Fund recipient’s businesses, starting with Apostle Daniel Mayapi’s farm right next door to the Share Your Knowledge Training Centre.

The walk to and through his farm was beautiful, complimented by the lush growth around the dam. It was encouraging to see all Daniel’s new piglets, three varieties of sweet potatoes growing strong, and his herd of cattle with a young man proudly watching over them.

Our next stop was Vorster’s shop, which was bursting at the seams and preparing for expansion – a great sign of his prosperity. His wife, Annie, was doing equally well and showed off her new foot-treadle sewing machine she purchased with her profits, alongside the one donated by Goderich Rotary club.  Annie had been trained by one of the previous Canadians joining us on an Impact Zambia trip, Wilma Hiemstra. Now Annie is teaching other women sewing and has a contract making school uniforms! Making school uniforms is the bread and butter of a seamstress in Zambia. The store and sewing were also benefiting their eldest daughter, Abigail, who works in the store with her dad. We also all enjoyed an internationally popular treat from their store, which you may know as fritters, olibollen, vetkoek, or bannock.

Our last stop for the day was at the Orphan Care Zambia’s new piggery, managed by Cephas Chelebela. Here we saw the “Share Your Knowledge” spirit in action as Jako, Daniel, Cliff, Tommy and Cephas congregated to share ideas and life lessons about running a piggery and general good animal husbandry practices.

After such a packed day, with so many uplifting stories, I appreciated arriving at Shiluwe Lodge that evening for a peaceful evening to digest the day’s activities with a delicious supper at one of the very few restaurants in the area (Musungwa), overlooking the hippos.

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  1. It is just amazing – and truly inspiring.


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