17 Mar 2018
March 17, 2018

Mission of Love and Shiluwe

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13 March 2018

Mission of Love

Today we had the privilege to visit the community orphanage started by Jako and Amber Joubert on request of the local pastor Petrus.  They care for 26 children – most of them came as babies.  The orphanage is located 50 km west of Kalomo – 2.5 to 3 hrs from the main road. They have 4 mothers taking care of the children and also a house in Kalomo so that the older children can attend high school.

Meet Pamela.  She is the first graduate from the Mission of Love orphanage. She attended a training centre in Kalomo for sewing and hopes to support her older mute and deaf sister, and their grandmother with income from her sewing. She makes school uniforms and currently working at Mission of Love to learn the business principles which will help establish a sewing business. Thank you to Blyth Sewing group of the cloth donated.  It will give Pamela a head start in supporting her family.

14 March 2018

Travel to Shiluwe

Yesterday after visiting the orphanage, we took a shortcut through the mountain to the southern gate of the Kafue National Park.  We reached there just as it turned 18H00 (6pm) and camped right there at the gate.  The following morning we left at 7H30 with the instruction that if we haven’t reached Musa Gate by noon the following day, that they should start looking for us.  The day before a vehicle apparently turned around as it was impassible….

With God’s protection over us, good instructions by Jako, and both Jako & Cliff’s great driving, we made it through the Kafue in record time of 6 hours!  It was a joyous reunion when we met Daniel and Florence on their way to Shiluwe – thank you God!  The night was concluded with fantastic barbequed pork chops by Jako.

Photos to follow

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