11 Mar 2018
March 11, 2018

Slow start

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Jako and Cliff working on the brake fluid leak

Sunday March 11, 2018

It is always good when breakdowns happen at a place where you are close to other people.  Today, we are grateful that the breakdowns happened before we set out to Nyawa to visit Dorothy and Mathew. It started with the car battery cells being dead.  Within 30 minutes Pete of Hemingways arrived with a new battery.  Then next, the electrical connection to the brake lights of the trailer had to be fixed. Cliff and Jako managed to sort it out quickly, and around 9:30 we set out for Dorothy and Mathew Musanda.  However, as we filled up the vehicles, Jako noticed brake fluid dripping out the back wheel…. So, needless to say, that meant more trouble!  The brake caliper had a hole in. It is Sunday and tomorrow is a holiday too.  The best solution was to get epoxy steel and patch the hole.  Three hours to wait for it to dry.  While we waited a friend of Jako found a second-hand caliper that we can put on while the other one cures.  We pray the breakdowns are done… for now!  Thank you to Mr Shah to host us at his house for fixing the vehicle!

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